The old way

The new way

Expense in real-time

Forget expense reports

  • Notifications - photograph your receipts and
    invoices after every transaction.
  • Don’t chase invoices - employees are reminded
    to submit payment proofs.
  • Empower employees - avoid personal spend on
    business trips.
  • End personal reimbursement - remove the need
    for cash.

Company cards management

A click of a button is better
than a trip to a bank

  • Issue cards instantly - get physical or virtual cards
    with a click.
  • Set spending limits - decide how much your
    employees can spend.
  • Control cash withdrawals - enable or disable ATM
    cash withdrawals.
  • Prevent card sharing - separate cards for
    all employees.

Block card

Set spending limits

Save from exchange rates

Allow cash withdrawals

Issuer cards

Receive expenses

Automated data extraction

Avoid manual data entry. Automated data
extraction from invoices and receipts.

  • End manual entry - automated data
    extraction from invoices and receipts.
  • Automated categorization - based on
    your own chart of accounts.
  • Live budget tracking -
    budget vs. actual in real-time.
  • Go paperless - digital and kept for
    10 years.
  • Real-time reconciliation - no need to
    match expenses to bank statements.
  • Accounting integration - expenses
    straight to your accounting system.

What Payhawk sees

Invoice number

Supplier Name: Google Ireland Limited Address: Gordon House Barrow Street Dublin 4 Country: Ireland VAT: IE6388047V Supplier risk: Low

VAT number

Invoice date

Total amount

Tax amount

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a monthly export and skip the narrative.

Save time for

Save time spent filing expense reports, collecting
receipts and waiting for reimbursement.

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