Expense in real-time

A click of a button is better
than a trip to a bank.

Issue and manage all of your company cards from a single web portal.

Virtual and physical
debit cards

Avoid personal spend on business-related expenses.
Use a company card that is managed by your finance
team. Don’t wait for late cash reimbursements and stop
absorbing the exchange rates fluctuations.

Accepted everywhere

Real-time notifications for every card transaction remind
you to capture receipts on the go using our mobile app.
Save time and efforts filling out extensive expense reports
attached with bank statements.

Manage all of your cards
from a web portal

You can simply forward all of your digital invoices to a
dedicated inbox for your organization, and we will
automatically match the invoice with your card
transaction. No other details are required.

No credit card sharing

Manage your virtual and physical Mastercard ® cards
straight from your mobile app. Monitor your budget, limits
and current spend. Lost your card? Simply block it with a
tap of a button

Minimize cash payments

The lack of company cards forces your business to handle,
pay or transfer cash outside of your organization. Handling
cash is the worst nightmare for your accounting team.

Prevent overspend
on subscriptions coming soon

The subscription economy calls for a new way to spend
money online. Subscriptions and recurring payments are
instantly discovered from invoices and card transactions.
Employee surveys are run by a virtual assistant before
card auto-renewals are due to identify seats and licenses
not used anymore.

Save money across
the board

Use our ROI calculator to determine how much you can
save by adopting Payhawk as your
primary card in your organization.

See what else you can do

Automated data extraction

Avoid manual data entry with automated data extraction from invoices and receipts.

Expense in real-time

No more chasing of receipts and invoices with redlined bank statements.

Subscriptions overspend

Prevent overspending on subscriptions your teams don't use anymore.

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