Keep everybody and everything in sync

No more manual processes, forwarded emails, and shared drives with unclear authorization access

Data extraction with OCR for bookkeepers

Use Computer Vision to extract document data from receipts and invoices automatically. This is especially useful for companies with in-house accountants dealing with manual data entry for bookkeeping purposes.

Data extraction with OCR for employees

Employees can use powerful OCR for data extraction of expenses not paid with your Payhawk card to keep things organized.

Intelligent email reports to your accountants

Dealing with a lot of digital invoices sent over email? Our product will prepare your expense report and will send it to your accountants as soon as you have marked all of your expenses as reviewed.


Using our integrations with external systems, you can reconcile your books in real time. We have out of the box connectors to Xero and Quickbooks.

Developer APIs

Use our Developer APIs to create powerful automations and integrate Payhawk with any system of choice.

Works great with external accounting teams

Schedule automated expense reports to your accountants that contain expenses matched to transactions with all data that makes their life easier. No more card statements and chasing of receipts and invoices.

Works great with in-house accounting teams

We extract document types, dates, countries, amounts, VATs, and suppliers from both invoices and receipts and directly match them to card transactions. All data is streamlined to your accounting systems in real-time.

Works with any type of expenses

Keep all of your expenses in one place. You can upload out of pocket expenses or outstanding invoices that are not paid with your Payhawk card to keep everything organized. OCR will faciliate data entry for expenses not paid with your card.

See what else you can do

Company card management

Issue and manage of all of your company cards from a single web portal.

Expense in real-time

No more chasing of receipts and invoices with redlined bank statements.

Subscriptions overspend

Prevent overspending on subscriptions your teams don't use anymore.

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