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Expense app that does your expense report

No more expense reports, lost receipts, lengthy spreadsheets and chasing of invoices.

Expense app tied with your card

Get an expense app that is connected to your card in real-time. Simply pay with your card and we will handle the rest.

Notifications for new expenses

Everytime you pay with your Payhawk card, you will receive a notification for a newly created expense. Don't keep pockets full of receipts that you will sort out later.

Scan receipts right away

Tap on the notification to scan a receipt for your newly created expense. No need to decipher card statements later. Provide a brief note for your accountants and the app will automatically categorize your expense.

Automated expense reporting

All expenses are reported in real-time to your finance and accounting team with everything they need to reconcile the month. No more expense reports and spreadsheets to fill.

Better than mobile banking

Manage your virtual and physical company cards straight from your mobile app. Monitor your budget, limits and current spend. Lost your card? Simply block it with a tap of a button.

Works with any type of expenses

Keep all of your expenses in one place. In addition to card payments, you can upload out of pocket expenses or outstanding invoices with the help of OCR to simplify your data entry.

See what else you can do

Automated data extraction

Avoid manual data entry with automated data extraction from invoices and receipts.

Company card management

Issue and manage of all of your company cards from a single web portal.

Subscriptions overspend

Prevent overspending on subscriptions your teams don't use anymore.

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