Subscriptions overspend

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Discover & optimize subscriptions

The subscription economy calls for a new way to spend money online. Don't leave money on the table for unused subscriptions.

Reports and alerts for new subscriptions

You will receive instant notifications if a card is signed up for a subscription or pre-authorized.

Issue dedicated virtual cards for specific vendors

Issue virtual cards per vendor with specific budget to keep things under control.

Breakdown of spend by vendors

Every transaction is automatically assigned to a category and vendor. Understand where and how much you spend with powerful analytics.

Prevent overspend on auto-renewals

Employee surveys are run by a virtual assistant before card auto-renewals are due to identify seats and licenses not used anymore.

See what else you can do

Company card management

Issue and manage of all of your company cards from a single portal.

Automated data extraction

Avoid manual data entry with automated data extraction from invoices and receipts.

Expense in real-time

No more chasing of receipts and invoices with redlined bank statements.

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