Simplify administrative work and focus on growing your business

The best company card for startups


Instant cards issuing without going to the bank

Issue and manage virtual and physical company cards with a click. Control budgets, limits and spend policy for every employee.

Expense app tied to your card

Every time you pay with your Payhawk card, a new expense is automatically created with a notification to scan your receipts right away. Don't keep pockets full of receipts that you will sort out later.

Get automated expense reports

Schedule automated expense reports to your accountants every month. Reports contain all data required by your accountants to reconcile the month.

Breakdown of spend categories

Every transaction is automatically assigned to a category. Understand where and how much you spend with powerful analytics.

Keep subscriptions under control

Discover and manage all of your company subscriptions in one place. Get notifications before auto-renewals.

Empower your employees

Foster democracy and responsibility without losing control with individual spending limits.

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